SecureWay Self Storage

Customer Reviews


It is easy for us to say that we are the best. However, it is another thing to have numerous customers say the exact same thing. Here are some testimonials that prove our quality and commitment to service.

“Just rented a 10x30 that was cheaper than most 10x20s elsewhere. The guy at the front, Edward, was fantastic and I’m really glad the cheap price didn’t mean a cheap facility because this storage place is really nice and very clean.”

— Busy Bunch

“Great service for a great price. I like that the prices are transparent on their website. They also allow your storage unit to be paid over the web or phone. The folks who run it have always been pleasant.”

— Carl A.

“Peace of mind, FINALLY! We have used several storage facilities over the years, a few in the Melbourne area, in just the last few years. I am thrilled to say we have found our ``forever storage home`` with Secureway. The staff are very kind, professional, and helpful, they made me feel comfortable right away. The facility and property are by far, the cleanest and best maintained, that we have ever used. I love the security cameras, safety gates and how well lit the property is, I feel very secure going to my storage units by myself, even after dark ( did I mention the soothing music that is played throughout lol). Bonus~ The user friendly website, that I can easily make payments and contact them 24/7. Thanks Secureway, for my free locks, no extra fees (that was a first) and for making me and my stored valuables, feel so safe and secure. You Rock!”

— Pamela P.

“Clean, great staff, this facility is easy to get to and coming from over 1000 miles the staff works with you and understands storage needs. Recommend highly!”

— Beth B.

“Highly recommend this storage unit! It's super clean, secure and the employees are so nice!”

— Cindy T.

“Management team is always courteous and helpful. Interior is well lit and immaculate. A top notch operation in all respects.”

— Myles W.

“Clean and friendly. Very inviting and friendly as soon as I walked in the door. Even brought us ice cold water as we were moving into our very clean unit.”

— Brandon

“This is a great,clean storage facility. We looked around and compared prices and best location for us. I was surprised to find out they have been there for years. The place really looks brand new. They have helpful staff and carts with wheels to help unload. You won't be disappointed.”

— Cherie.

“Ten minutes out of our way and WORTH IT! The customer service, pricing, security and cleanliness are second to none! Best value! Highly recommended”

— Hannah

“Rich, our account coordinator was curteous, informative and efficient. Moving is stressful enough; but the facility, and staff made us feel easement. It is the Light at the end of a tunnel. The facility was cleane, secure and exactly what we requested. Rich listened to our needs and met them. Accomodating is my review. Thank guys, y'all are amazing. ”

— Lisa

“very good...”

— Debra

“Newer facility clean units, nice guys.”

— Maya

“The person onsite was very polite and helpful. Clean and nice facility”

— Charles

“Excellent service, clean and secure”

— Sergio

“On moving day, I realized the unit I rented would be much too small for all my stuff. In less than 5 minutes, the staff was able to switch me to a larger unit only several feet down the hall, and do all the paperwork associated with that. I was very pleased how well it all worked out and how staff's efforts to accommodate my needs was perfectly met.”

— Rick

“The people were super nice. They were very trust worthy. Overall, it was a nice experience & everything I did was quick & easy”

— Jay

“They were great and even stayed late to activate my access in to unload upon arrival ! Good area and well kept grounds, easy to get into! ”

— Kevin

“Over the years, I have stored my personal items at many facilities. I must say Secureway is by far the best. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend them.”

— Josie

“One of the best storage facilities we've ever used.”

— Paul

“The facility is spotless - and the customer service is among the best I've ever seen anywhere. The storage unit is easy to get into, geat access, security is great.”

— Bo

“I had a very pleasant experience at Secureway and would certainly choose this facility again”

— Jillian

“I am very pleased to have chosen this facility among many in the area. The check-in process was very pleasant and courteous. The gentleman that assisted me couldn't have done any more to be helpful and attentive. I am very happy to recommend this facility to anyone looking for a storage facility for their needs.”

— Scott

“When we were transferred to Florida, we required a storage unit. We did a lot of research and found the facility at Secureway to be exactly what we needed. The staff treats us very nicely, and we have peace of mind knowing our belongings are in a secure location. We highly recommend Secureway Storage Center.”

— Ron and Sarah